Monday, October 24, 2016

Lane County September Market Update

Today I’ll compare the latest numbers from the September 2016 market to the September 2015 market. All in all, our market continues to be strong.

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What happened this last September in the Lane County real estate market?

Long story short, the market has stayed about the same in terms of home inventory. We still only have about two months of inventory in our market.

Our real estate market is still on fire!

That said, home values have changed since September of last year. Check out the complete breakdown here:

  • Hayden Bridge is up 3.7%
  • McKenzie Valley went down 5.1%
  • Pleasant Hill went up 10%
  • South Lane went up 6.2%
  • West Lane only went up 0.9%
  • Junction City went down 1.1%
  • Thurston is up 4.1%
  • Coburg is up 44.2%. Of course, not every house in Coburg appreciated that much. However, since there weren’t many home sales in that area, that is what the statistics show.
  • North Gilham went down 4%
  • Ferry St. Bridge is up 6.7%
  • Southwest Eugene is up 9.8%
  • East Eugene is up 13.8%
  • West Eugene is up 12.3%
  • Danebo takes the prize by being up 18.5%
  • River Road is up 8.1%
  • Santa Clara is up 5.1%
  • Springfield is up 5.4%
  • Mohawk Valley is down 0.1%, so that market has plateaued.

The bottom line is our real estate market is still very hot. If you have further questions about our current real estate market, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!

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