Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Keep Cool This Summer & Save on Energy Costs

Don’t sweat out the summer—there are nine simple things you can do to stay cool and save money on energy costs.

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Some of the same routines we use in the winter to keep warm can actually keep you cool during the summer and save you money on your energy bills. There are nine simple things you can do:

1. Plug any holes around your windows using some kind of foam substance. If it’s in your budget, consider replacing your windows with double-paned vinyl windows, which makes a huge difference.

2. Lower your shades. Drawing the shades cuts the solar heat in your home and helps keep cold air in your house.

3. Keep your filters clean if you have an A/C unit.

4. Use a programmable thermostat. Adjust the thermostat so that if you’re not in the house, your air conditioning will stop for awhile. You can schedule the thermostat to turn the AC back on about a half an hour before you return.

Skip the oven and cook dinner outside on the grill.

5. Unplug your computer and other electronics. There are things we leave plugged in all the time that can have a huge drain on your power. If you can, consider unplugging your computer and turning it off when you’re not using it, which can also protect you from hackers.

6. Use your oven less often. Don’t heat up your house on a hot summer night—use your grill and cook outdoors instead.

7. Turn down the temperature on your water heater. You can do this in the winter to save money as well. The water heater is usually set at 130°, but you can set it at 115° and save at least $50 a year.

8. Get your air conditioner serviced. You should get your furnace and your air conditioner serviced once a year.

9. Change your lightbulbs to energy efficient bulbs. If you can, switch over to LED bulbs, which will make a huge difference in your power savings for the year.

These are great, simple ways to help you save money and stay cool this summer. If you have any other questions or need to be put in touch with someone to help you with any of these tasks, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!