Friday, April 15, 2016

How to Divide Property in Eugene Without Dividing Your Family

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Recently, I sat in a room with some family members who were dividing the property left behind when their parents passed on. Arguments kept breaking out. That is not the intention of the parents when they say they want the kids to divide up the property evenly. However, dividing property is not easy to do. Today, I have a set of directions that can help you divide the personal items left behind when a family member has passed on.

First of all, I suggest that each member of the family who will inherit the property gets a different colored sticker. Then, go in one by one and put your sticker on any item that you may want. It doesn’t matter if your brother or sister has already put a sticker on an item. If you want it, go ahead and put your sticker on it.

After that, go through and collect all the unmarked items that no one wants. Divide them into three categories: items to donate, items to sell, and items to throw away. Have your garage sale, drop things off at Goodwill, and make a trip to the dump. Get these items out of the house first.

Next, if there are items that only have one sticker on them, that person collects all of those things and takes them home. Now you are left with things that two or more people want.

All of you should get together. Flip a coin to determine who gets to pick an item first. Keep going until all of the items are gone. At the end, everyone is committed to taking those items home. It’s a fair way to handle things and your only job at that point is to not hold a grudge if someone else gets what you want.

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